Another step backwards for society

Hey folks. It’s been awhile but I’ve been busy. I’m here today mostly because I am angry, which is always a good sign.

Recently a man, Jon Langbert, was not allowed to stay as a leader in the Boy Scouts of America, and can you guess why?

Let’s make it multiple choice:

A.) He is a bad leader.
B.) He is a criminal.
C.) He touches children in their sleep.
D.) He follows the rules of 2000-year-old goat herders and denies who he is.
E.) He likes dicks.

Well, time to post your answers…alright, ready? Here you go.

I have no idea if he is an atheist. I don’t care if he’s an atheist or not. Regardless of religion, being treated like shit just because you like the same gender as you is wrong, full stop. The Boy Scouts of America have gradually been losing membership since the year 1999, while, oddly enough, the girl scouts who don’t seem to have this discriminatory policy have had increased membership.

Where has this taken place? Texas, of course. By this point it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that Texas is overrun with stupid. But speaking about it is what’s going to change things in the state.

As you can probably guess, the Boy Scouts also reject those who are atheist or agnostic? Agnostic? Yes, the Boy Scouts literally want nothing to do with you if you so much as doubt the existence of their omniscient shithead. It also brings up the problem of agnostic Christians (they exist), which adds another layer of stupid to the mix for the Boy Scouts of America.

Here’s hoping that Jon Langbert’s situation turns out for the best.


~ by shalazah on 10/21/2010.

4 Responses to “Another step backwards for society”

  1. So because of an old, outdated, biased, discriminating set of rules, this man can no longer be a part of the scouts? Man, gotta love that stupidity.

    If girls are allowed to force their way into the scouts with their own version, then they might as well actually continue by allowing people that are gay, or non-christan, or whatever to join.

    I watched the video on that link. WHAT THE FUCK! Ok so he can’t be apart of the Boy Scouts but he can still fundraise for them since non of the other dads want too.

  2. Well thanks for overrunning my morning with stupidity. What a load of garbage. Hope this man can get some of the respect he deserves.

  3. The Boy Scouts have become the male youth organization of the Mormon Church and have taken the homophobic stance of the Mormon leadership. But for some reason the Mormons don’t have an interest in Girl Scouts who haven’t become contaminated by the Mormons’ homophobia.

  4. “But for some reason the Mormons don’t have an interest in Girl Scouts who haven’t become contaminated by the Mormons’ homophobia.”

    That would be because the whole point of Girl Scouts goes against everything Mormons think about women.

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