It seems Argentina has come to its senses

Argentina has just legalized gay marriage after 14 hours of debate about the issue. Wait, 14 hours? For a debate about human equality? Weird. It shouldn’t have taken even 1 full minute, but I digress. This is great news!

If only Maine or California would follow suit sometime and join the civilized world, but those two states are too busy being told what to do by Mormons who shouldn’t be involved with politics.

I wonder how long it’ll take for religious groups to start saying Argentina is bound for hell? I’m not sure at this point it even warrants a reaction. Hell is starting to look far more like a paradise then their Heaven ever did.


~ by shalazah on 07/15/2010.

One Response to “It seems Argentina has come to its senses”

  1. 14 hours is a helluva sprint to the finish line compared to the decades it’s been fought against here in the US. Good for them!

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