Fuck Vox Day

The Internet’s favourite misogynistic, libertarian fuckwit has posted a screed about PZ Myers.

What do I even need to say about this guy that hasn’t already been said? It reeks of the misogynistic bullshit that represents the pick-up artist community as a whole. If you treat women like objects or like games, you’ll soon be rolling with them. Don’t bother treating human beings as human beings, just act like they’re tools to be used (and thrown away).

It also reeks highly of projection. Perhaps Vox Day is having his own problems? I have to admit, the idea of dating the insane doesn’t strike me as wise either.

Apparently atheists are throwing ‘hissy fits’ over the idea that they want equal rights just like any other human being. Because social movements in America have always been pushed by accommodationists, right? Just sit at the back of the bus and you’ll get your rights soon enough, no worries!

His last line should make anyone want to gag as well. Since when has atheism been a religion? Only Vox Day, the internet superintelligence (of the Dunning-Kruger effect) knows for sure!

He’s been somewhat of a jealous type ever since PZ Myers declined to debate with him. In one of the comments on his blog, he describes PZ as a “sprinter” as opposed to being a “brawler”. I don’t think Vox Day realizes that people in the audience don’t just get to pick and choose fights with the athletes in the ring. Likewise, why would a scientist decide to debate someone who is not only not a scientist, but is also pushing the agenda of creationism?

Only Vox Day knows for sure!


~ by shalazah on 07/02/2010.

6 Responses to “Fuck Vox Day”

  1. I think anyone proud of having interviewed Ron Paul (“Hey do you support open borders?” “No because I’m a racist asshole more than I am a libertarian actually and I don’t want them brownpoors in my country”) has a particular layer of hell waiting for them.

  2. The thing I find scariest about Pox Day is he has followers.

  3. I even left some comments over on his site. I stopped reading the followups after some sick fuck joked about Christopher Hitchens having esophageal cancer due to a blowjob.

    Wyatt – Indeed. There should be 11 layers of Hell, one for people like him and one for people who play Farmville.

  4. This guy is a genius! Wait- No the exact opposite of that, Retarded!

  5. Wow, I remember seeing his name in Pharyngula’s comments but I didn’t know that he was obnoxious to this extent. Fuck him, indeed!

    If the Christians want to claim any moral authority over anyone, they should firts get rid of the ones of his like.

  6. he is an insult to men everywhere

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